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An extinct frog that hatches its young inside its stomach might be making a comeback thanks to science! In this DNews video, Anthony shows us this amazing li…

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James is legally blind, and got Atticus, his guide dog to regain his independence. Subscribe to The Pet Collective: Facebook: http://ww…

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New 2013 drake R&B official song – Falling Back New drake song New drake song New drake song. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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@QTjazz ” official video back up off the wall” @Issaiam Dream Team much love @Vickroc @1andonlyfratboy @JROC_RoyalFlush @GPHONIX Thank you to everyone that is supporting my video being uploaded a 2nd time. The 1st one was deleted at 102000 views….thanks much love Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Introduction – Vox-pops from the case studies. An expert, Mr Henry Crock, Hon. Senior Lecturer, Orthopaedics Hammersmith Hospital describes the workings of the spine and the problems affecting the back and why resulting pain happens. Case Study 1 – We hear from a young man who while sleepwalking, falls down and injures his back. Case […]

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