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Western Swing, Honky Tonk, Texas Dance Music (1930s-1980s) at the BARn on Brodie Lane in Austin Texas. Recorded May 17, 2019.

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Country house - Magix Music Maker 2019

Utwór House utworzony w programie Magix Music Maker 2019.

House song created in Magix Music Maker 2019.
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concert – Luke Bryan (April 27, 2019)

Artist : Luke Bryan
Venue : Stagecoach Country Music Festival 2019

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The Academy of Country Music Awards 2019 - CBS LIVE STREAM

» Watch Now .:

The Academy of Country Music Awards 2019 Live Stream
The Academy of Country Music Awards 2019 Live Show Red Carpet 2019

acm award red carpet 2019 live strem
The 54th Academy of Country Music Awards
ACM Award Red Carpet 2019
Watch Latest Episode The Academy of Country Music Awards 2019 Live Stream
The Academy of Country Music Awards 2019 Live Show.
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We Re-Created Popular Rap Songs Using Music Blocks In Fortnite Battle Royale Creative Mode, Shek Wes Mo Bamba, Juice WRLD Lucid Dreams, XXXTENTACION SAD! and more.



SICKO MODE Musicblock Remake (My progress so far) from FortniteMusic

I’m so Alone (Had some lag issues) from FortniteCreative



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This video includes:
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John Michael Montgomery, December 1943, Jenny Daniels, Country Christmas Music Cover

Hope you enjoy my cover of this beautiful Christmas song by John Michael Montgomery. I love tne lyrics. They are so touching.

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The ending of December 1943
Somewhere in the forest
The snow was three feet deep
Two allied soldiers walking
Trying not to freeze
Far from home on Christmas Eve
A cabin with the light on
Brought them to its door
A woman said, “In my home
You can’t bring in your war
So leave your rifles outside
Up against a tree
There’s peace on Earth on Christmas Eve”
And they sat by the fire and they talked all night long
Sang Christmas hymns and showed pictures of home
In the middle of a great war it’s so hard to believe
There’s peace on Earth on Christmas Eve
Later in the evening, footsteps in the night
Two German soldiers freezing
The woman went outside
“You’re welcome here in my home
But your guns will never be
There’s peace on Earth on Christmas Eve”
The soldiers all were frightened
When they stood face to face
The woman said, “You’re brothers
Part of the human race
Tonight we’re all just family
And we’ll get down on our knees
And praise His name on Christmas Eve”
And they sat by the fire and the talked all night long
Sang Christmas hymns and showed pictures of home
In the middle of a great war, bitter enemies
Found peace on Earth on Christmas Eve
Early that next morning
They went their separate ways
Shook hands and hugged that woman
There on Christmas Day
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CMA Awards 2018 | The 52nd Annual Country Music Association Awards
Country Music Association (CMA) Awards 2018 Online

To view the entire video of 52nd Annual CMA Awards 2018 Live event, check it :

CMA Awards 2018 opening
CMA Awards 2018 Commercial
CMA Awards 2018 Predictions
CMA Awards 2018 Red Carpet
CMA Awards 2018 nominations
CMA Awards 2018 Live Full Performances
CMA Awards 2018 Full ShowPerformances
52nd Annual CMA Awards 2018 Full Show
52nd Annual CMA Awards 2018 Live Stream
52nd CMA Awards 2018 Live Performances
52nd CMA Awards 2018 Full Performances
52nd CMA Awards 2018 Live Streaming
52nd CMA Awards 2018 Live Show
52nd CMA Awards 2018 Full Show
52nd CMA Awards 2018 Nominees

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Here we go again, more gems!

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